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If you are one of the lucky few who own an exotic, classic or collectible car, then you need classic car insurance to protect your cherished investment. We are dedicated to assisting automobile collectors find the best classic car insurance on the market, specialized for their collector or antique vehicle. Call and get a free quote today!

Why American Modern

The nation’s leading provider of classic car insurance, to offer an insurance policy designed for classic car lovers like you. Why wait; call +1-707-430-5333 to get a free classic car insurance quote now–that car isn’t getting any younger!

So why should I get classic car insurance?

Some of the major reasons you should consider a classic car insurance or motorcycle insurance policy are

  • 1. No vehicle appraisal is required
  • 2. Your vehicle will be covered at Agreed Value, which means no depreciation in the event of a claim
  • 3. Low deductibles